Our Vision & Mission

Sustainability Refunds to You!
1To be faithful, trustable, collaborated, strategy partner for worldwide brands in monitoring & managing their sustainable supply chains.
2. Ensure every factory has good labor condition.
3Mommy Earth was respected & loved by everybody.
4. Maximizing ROI (Return Of Investment) and minimizing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), we strive to deliver customer-oriented, highly-innovative services that create values and enhance business opportunities for our customers and partners.

Who We Are

Sunteam Compliance & Technical Service Co., Ltd. (STS), as a responsible third party auditing company, is dedicated to evaluating production sites against social compliance, environmental, C-TPAT & quality management system benchmarks and facilitating communication, to bring buyers, producers, workers and consumers closer together, and help brands to better management of their strategy suppliers.

STS, founded in 2008, is dedicated to providing its customers with the most accurate, transparency information regarding social, environmental responsibility on the supply chain. We sponsor sustainability through the promotion of ethical social practices. 

Tel: 086-769-89975315 / 086-769-89975995Cellphone: 013652413973 / 013510860331, E-mail:  george.zhou@sunteamchina.com